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Express Yourself Teen Open Mic is a monthly (every 3rd Thursday of the Month) program for youth 21-years-old and under. Express Yourself Teen Open Mic provides a safe space for youth to not only express themselves through the arts (music, dance, oratory, poetry, painting, inventions-tech etc.), but also learn from industry professionals. Founded by Artist, Radio Personality, and Children’s Book Author Stichiz, Express Yourself Teen Open Mic is also put on with the help of young adults and teen volunteers.



Since the pandemic, in effort to keep our youth productively engaged, and safe we transitioned to InstagramLive (IGLive) which in turn has allowed us to reach more students on a global scale. (UK, Africa, South America and more). In addition students also have an opportunity to volunteer and gain service hours and hands-on experience within their field of interest relating to; media, stage production, hosting and engineering. Lastly, during our open mic every youth has an opportunity to compete for a cash prize and other giveaways which include an opportunity to obtain paid gigs.

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